Oxidizing Biocide - Liquid
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CTB-50™ offers a variety of critical performance and application benefits:

Powerful inhibitor against a variety of carbonate and sulfate scale:

CTB-50™ offers a variety of performance and application benefits..

  • Instantaneous antimicrobial activity as an oxidizing slimicide/bactericide.

  • Kills bacteria, fungi and algae.

  • Controls biological fouling in the treated systems.

  • Exclusively use in recirculating cooling towers water.

CTB-50™ is dosed at the rate of 25-60 ppm in the recirculating cooling system to be treated. System volume should be determined prior to application to assure proper additions are made. If necessary, increase the treatment frequency to bring the system under control.
There is a field test available to check the concentration of the product in the system. Badly fouled systems should be cleaned prior to treatment.

CTB-50™is a concentrated quaternary based algaecide for use in recirculating cooling tower water systems. The product is effective over a wide pH range against algae, fungi, and slime forming bacteria typically found in these systems. Unlike most similar products, it is an exceptional wetting agent and at normal use concentrations, it will cause only minimal foaming in the treated systems. It is compatible with most water treatment formulations but should not be used with soap, sulfated oils or anionic surfactants. It is believed that where water is present biological activity is present. Bacteria free feed water to system is very difficult to maintain, however control of biological activity can be achieved by dosing CTB-50™.

Biological activity is controlled by finding the T.B.C level in reject stream the dose rate can be increased or decreased according to the T.B.C result

CTB-50™ is normally shot fed to the system to be treated 1-3 times per week or as required to maintain control. The product should be added to the system at a point where rapid mixing will occur. For accurate recommendation contact RCB representative.

Standard regional pack sizes are listed below and custom packaging can be provided worldwide. Information on drum less or bulk tanker delivery is available on request.



Transparent Liquid

pH (as supplied)


Specific Gravity @20˚C

0.9 - 1.02 g/cm3


Pungent smell

Packaging Formats



30 Kg

Other packing is available on request.

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