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Our Company:
’RCB Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals and process controllers, transmitters and sensors for membrane-based systems, boilers, and wastewater treatment plants.

Established since 2001, we have a team of multi-disciplinary professionals and trained field staff that has more than a decade of experience in providing water treatment solutions in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta. Our work is trusted by major Pakistani national and multinational companies. (Please see our clients reference list).

Our head office is located in Lahore. For quotes and general/technical information you can visit our office or contact us via phone/contact form provided on this website. (Contact Details in the “Contact Us” tab).

Business Ethics:
At RCB our business ethics are very important to us. We recognize the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success. We are committed in upholding high ethical standards in all our business dealings every where we believe in the principle of honesty, fairness & respect.

Scope of Supply:
We are a single source of supply for all your water and wastewater needs. We provide a complete range of water and wastewater treatment chemicals on following technologies.

  • Desalination (Reverse Osmosis Plants)

  • Boiler Water Treatment

  • Open & Close Circuit Cooling Water Treatment

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Dispersant Agent

  • Anti foaming Agent (Silicon Base)

RCB assures superior performance and 100% compatibility with our products. We have selected world's finest chemicals suppliers for our products range which enables us to provide high quality chemicals with good efficiency.

Support Services:
RCB realizes the importance of single point responsibility. We have a strong multidisciplinary team of professionals to serve you. RCB offers a broad spectrum of services. If any emergency repairs are required then our operational staff representatives are available to investigate the problem and solve them effectively. That is the bottom line of our product support policy. You can rely on RCB to provide the support you need, when and where you need it.

Our Capabilities:
Our products and services are designed to meet the particular needs of process water application. RCB Chemicals & Services is committed to serve with its technical knowledge of water chemistry which allows us to make an impartial assessment of customers needs, ensuring complete discretion and unbiased recommendation and advices by our totally committed staff.

Customers are able to improve system performance, trouble shooting the plant and in over coming operational difficulties with the advice of our technical staff and On & Off site assistance with all our products services and support which are provided to the user through the life cycle of the plant. This includes chemical selection, assistance for chemical dosing rats, arranging programs to fulfill the requirements during trouble shooting which helps in retaining production, training, on site advice and operational support. Our in house analytical laboratory staff can analyze your water quality either onsite or taking samples back to our lab for completer analysis.

For our customers, we arrange regular water quality analysis to support our customer in their plants operation. Routine visits are made by our operation engineers to help in operational difficulties and to ensure its optimum performance. we also provide graphical presentation of logged data, which helps in further calculation and to judge our standing in regards of plant operation.

Quality Assurance:
We maintain an intensive assurance program throughout the life cycle of the plants. We are totally committed in delivering quality products and services to ensure that our customer get full value from their investment.

With our strong multi disciplinary team of professionals, we are making ceaseless efforts to assist the customers in upgrading and improving performance as well as to reduce operating cost, because of our expertise and our rigid status in the field of water treatment. We are glad to state that the tip industries have been and continues to be our esteemed customers.

Quality Policy:
We are committed to provide customers with service of the highest possible level of quality. In order to achieve this, we are continually improving processes, products & services by meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at all times.

In accordance with our quality policy, we are committed to:

Environment Policy:
Our company has an important role to play in protecting the environment and to help secure the long-term sustainability.

To this end, RCB Chemicals & Services is committed to:

The following measures will be taken by management and employees to reduce waste, prevent pollution, conserve water and energy.

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