BAC - 200™
Oxygen Scavenger – Liquid
Product Datasheet

BAC - 200™ offers a variety of critical performance and application benefits:

Powerful inhibitor against a variety of carbonate and sulfate scale:

  • Catalyzed hydrazine product for rapid reaction with dissolved oxygen and prevention of corrosion in marine boilers.

  • Removes dissolved oxygen from boiler feed water without increasing dissolved solids, resulting in reduced blow down and fuel costs.

  • Maintains a protective surface layer of magnetite on the waterside of boiler metals.

  • Protects steam and condensate line from aggressive oxygen attack. Used in conjunction with condensate treatment.

Instructions for use
Neither, BAC-200™ or its decomposition products are acidic. Decomposition at boiler temperature gives ammonia, which by dissolving in the condensate water raises its pH and reduces corrosion in both the condensate and the feed system. BAC-200™ will react with the oxide film on steel surfaces in a boiler system to form a magnetite (Fe3O4) layer which gives boiler protection. This “passivation” technique is also useful for pre-treatment of new boiler plant and for protection of boilers during standby periods. BAC-200™ may be used with boilers of all sizes and pressures, with or without mechanical de-aerators.

BAC-200™ is an aqueous solution of hydrazine, developed to prevent corrosion in boilers and heating systems by reacting with dissolved oxygen to form harmless nitrogen and water.

BAC-200™ must be fed continuously by the chemical feed pump to the earliest point possible in the feedwater system. Any interruption in the feed will result in corrosion of the preboiler and boiler system and possible tube failure. BAC-200™ can be fed neat or diluted. Closed systems should be used for dosing and for transferring from one container to another. To prepare a dilute solution (usually between 1:10 and 1:100) use condensate or demineralized water at temperature between 10 and 37.8˚C to avoid odor formation.

BAC-200™ dosage will be the sum of the requirements for reaction with dissolved oxygen plus the desired residual. BAC-200™ dosage (ppm)
= feedwater ppm O2 x 2.85+0.5. Sampling and Testing BAC-200™ programs should be monitored and controlled using suitable test methods.



Colorless liquid



Specific Gravity @20˚C


Freezing Point




Standard regional pack sizes are listed below and custom packaging can be provided worldwide. Information on drum less or bulk tanker delivery is available on request.

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