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BIOCIDE F™ offers a variety of performance and application benefits.

  • Instantaneous antimicrobial activity as a non-oxidizing bactericide.

  • Compatible with the thin film and cellulose acetate membrane.

  • Kills bacteria, fungi and algae.

  • Exclusively for use in non-portable applications.

  • Being of low molecular weight it passes through the permeate side, hence sterilizing the permeate side of the membrane envelope.

  • It can be used in conjunction with RO TREAT 5000, 5010, 5020.

BIOCIDE F™ is dosed at the rate of 70-100 ppm during flushing sequences of plant, however this could also be dosed intermittently incase system is in continuous operation. To calculate the dose rate of Biocide F in liter/hour the following formula can be used.

Plant feed flow rate m3/hr*Dose required g/m3 1000

BIOCIDE F™ is formulation, which is a highly effective sterilizing chemical and a Biocide, compatible with thin film composite membranes. Biological fouling is considered to be the worst fouling in RO system. High differential pressure across the 1st stage with loss of product flow indicates biological fouling. It is believed that where water is present biological activity is present. Bacteria free feed water to RO system is very difficult to maintain, however control of biological activities can be achieved by dosing BIOCIDE F™ intermittently.

Biological activity is controlled by finding the T.B.C level in reject stream the dose rate can be increased or decreased according to the T.B.C result

During membrane cleaning step, 1-1.5% BIOCIDE F™ solution is circulated for 1-2 hours after acid cleaning and before alkaline cleaning step.

This product is formulated to be injected neat. However, if a dilution is required, use demineralized or RO permeate water. If neither of these is available, softened water may be substituted. The dilution for Biocide F™ should not result in a solution strength of less than 10%.

Standard regional pack sizes are listed below and custom packaging can be provided worldwide. Information on drum less or bulk tanker delivery is available on request.



Transparent Liquid

pH (as supplied)

3.00 – -5.00

Specific Gravity @20˚C

0.9 - 1.02 g/cm3


Pungent smell

Packaging Formats



30 Kg

Other packing is available on request.

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