BAS - 05™
Antiscalant – Liquid
Product Datasheet

BAS - 05™ offers a variety of critical performance and application benefits:

Powerful inhibitor against a variety of carbonate and sulfate scale:

BAS-05™ Antiscalant offers a variety of performance benefits:

  • Highly effective Antiscalant across a wide quality feed water

  • Effective over a wide pH range.

  • Compatible with polyelectrolyte.

  • Prevents mineral scale deposit in boiler.

  • Residual phosphate is non corrosive.

  • Can handle feed water hardness fluctuations.

  • Residual phosphate offers buffer capacity for excursion.

Instructions for use
BAS – 05™ is normally fed continuously into the system that has to be treated. However, shot fed is satisfactory in some circumstances. This product is fed neat and clean or diluted in a chemical feed tank with other material required to complete the program. The material of construction including PVC and Stainless Steel is satisfactory for the chemical feed system. However, copper, copper alloy and aluminum metallurgies should be avoided.

BAS-05™ is a concentrated phosphate base formulation with a combination of carboxylates, organic polymer and dispersants. The product is designed to prevent the scale formation the boilers. BAS-05™ provides one of the most effective commendations of polymers for modern, higher heat transfer boilers. BAS-05™ is required to keep larger amounts of scalant in solution BAS-05™ is primarily used to control scale precipitates in boiler water treatment.

Establishing the most efficient dose rate is dependent on a number of factors, including feed water quality and cycles of concentration. For accurate dosing recommendation contact RCB representative.

The maximum dilution for BAS-05™ should not exceed 10%. If further dilution is required, then consult RCB representative for advice.



Colorless liquid

pH (10% solution)

6.0 ± 0.3

Specific Gravity @20˚C

1.02-1.06 g/cm3

Freezing Point

< -70˚C



Standard regional pack sizes are listed below and custom packaging can be provided worldwide. Information on drum less or bulk tanker delivery is available on request.

Packaging Formats



25 Kg


210 Kg

Other packing is available on request.

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