Sample Cooler T-10 Series


T-10 Series Sample cooler is a mini water-based spiral/concurrent flow heat exchanger system to cool down hot liquid or steam allowing cooled sample for analyzing purpose. Ergonomic design gives easy installation and easy control while the system is in operation. T-10 Series Sample cooler comes with temperature control safety with two high quality control valves mounted with the collection housing. Collection housing can be used for direct installation of measuring probe (user must notify the probe mechanical connection size at time of placing the order). High quality material SS304 and copper coil makes this a rugged product thereby providing consistent output for a longer period. T-10 series cooler is excellent in controlling boiler blow down coping heat losses and boiler safety

Specifications Descriptions
Input Temperature
(Measuring Media)
T-10-250 T-10-450
100 – 250 °C 250 – 450 °C
Output Temperature
(Measuring Media)
+10°C Ambient Temp. +10°C Ambient Temp.
Cool Water Input
500L/h – 1500L/h 500L/h – 2000L/h
Heat Water Output
5-25 L/h 5-25 L/h
Compatibility Non-Corrosive Media (Liquid or Steam)
Connection Sizes Both models have 2 Female 1/2" BSP for Cooling water and 2 Female 1/4" BSP for sample water. Collection housing has 2 connection both 1/4" female connection for Inlet and Outlet.
Mounting Type 4 x M12 Anchor Bolts to the Concrete and Hex Bolt to steel plate.
Power Requirement 220 VAC connections with 5 meter power cable
Safety Protection Safety 40°C via high quality thermostat. Controls dump valve and the feed valve to at control to prevent damage to valuable equipment
Heat Exchanger Material High quality copper coil machine turned to increase the surface area for heat exchange
Housing Material SS304 housing material (machine finished)
Application Laboratory sample collection, automatic blow down control, steam analysis
Operation Safety Do not touch hot sample line while the exchanger in operation. Operate sample valve slowly, fast opening and closing of valve can cause injury and cooler coil damage
Weight Gross weight: 25 kg



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