dataM Controller ATS - DM 1000


ATS-DM 1000 dataM Controller is a general-purpose industry standard controller for use in realtime monitoring, analyzing and logging of up to 4 parameters of any industrial system. With a wide range of user selectable display units, independent span adjustment and calibration, remote and local relay operation, it provides an enhanced user experience. Built-in micro SD card for data acquisition and communication with the custom built desktop application add a dynamic data analytics capability. Multiple dataM controllers can be installed for monitoring of all the parameters of a plant on a single screen and to obtain a comprehensive profile of the entire plant

DM 1000 has a robust design with standard panel mount fitting and a simple user interface with 6 control buttons and a 128 x 64 graphics LCD display.

Specifications Descriptions
Channel Selection 4x 4-20mA based input channels with independent unit selection and span settings
Measuring Range Values up to 99999, 0.001 resolution, ± 0.1% accuracy
Display Units
12 Programmable units
Loop Current (mA)
Conductivity (mS/cm)
Conductivity (uS/cm)
Total Dissolved Solids (ppt)
Total Dissolved Solids (ppm)
Flow (m3/h)
Flow (GPM)
Pressure (BAR)
Pressure (mBAR)
Temperature (oC)
Temperature (Kelvin)
Span Setting 5 digit independent span selection/adjustment corresponding to 4mA and 20mA inputs
Micro SD Card for Data Acquisition Micro SD card installed for data acquisition of all four parameters at user defined time intervals
RS 485 Communication RS 485 based communication with AT Systems dataM Software for microSD data retrieval, live data monitoring, data analytics and remote relay operation
Wi-Fi Communication Built in Wi-Fi module (requires Wi-Fi connection) Data transmission and logging on remote server, can be accessed on mobile app and computer software Remote control of relays and current loop output
Analog Input Calibration Factory calibrated 4-20mA analog channel inputs with in-field calibration functionality
Clock Internal clock and calendar, 24 Hour format, ± 1 min/month accuracy
Security Settings Password enable feature for write protection of critical parameters.
Relays 2x relays with independent remote and local operation Rating: 277VAC, 125VDC-Max, 5A
Device ID Unique device ID allocation for interfacing multiple controllers with AT Systems dataM Software
Panel Cutout Size L x W (93mm x93mm)
Dimensions(Volume Based) L x W x D (113.5mm x 113.5mm x 83mm)
IP Class Protection IP 65(In Panel Mount Installation)
Weight (Assembly) ≈ 255 Grams
Power Requirement 24 VDC with high voltage, polarity and short circuit protection



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