RW 21™
Alkaline Cleaner – Powder
Product Datasheet

RW 21™ is a powered cleaner designed to remove silt and organic foulants such as colloidal silica clays, organic color and bacterial slime from thin film composite membrane. RW 21™ is buffered to prevent the pH limits of a membrane being exceeded in the event of misapplication. RW 21™ should not be used on cellulose acetate membranes, as irreversible damages can occur.

offers a variety of performance and application benefits.

RW 21™ offers a variety of performance benefits:

  • Compatible with the major membrane suppliers.

  • Superior results in the removal of organic and colloidal foulants, especially when compared to generation formulation.

  • Contains a specialized blend of buffer and other components to dissolve organic foulants, and disperse colloidal particles.

  • Highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process.

RW 21™ can be used in conjunction with other applicable cleaner from the RCB cleaner range.

Instruction for Use:
For moderate to severe fouling, RW 21™ should be applied of nominal strength of 2% w/v for milder fouling or where frequent cleaning is employed, satisfactory result may be achieved at 2% w/v. The cleaning solution should be re-circulated at the flow rate recommended by the membrane manufacture, taking care not to exceed the guidelines, for pressure.

RCB Chemicals & Services recommend the following flow rates for cleaning spiral wound elements: -

Element Diameter

Flow Rate

4'' (100mm)

40 Lit/min

8'' (200mm)

150 Lit/min



White Powder

pH (2% Solution)


Irritant to eyes. Flush eye immediately with plenty of clean water. Immediate medical attention is required.

Causes irritation. Clean the subjected parts with plenty of water.

Standard regional pack sizes are listed below and custom packaging can be provided worldwide. Information on drum less or bulk tanker delivery is available on request.

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