Industrial Grade Flow Sensor KE- FLS 3000 SERIES

The industrial standard KE- FLS 3000 Series is a rugged design stainless steel sensor with insertion paddlewheel technology suitable for operation at extreme pressures and temperatures. The Tungsten Carbide shaft and carbon fiber reinforced PTFE bearing provides excellent wear resistance for extended service. These are used for continuous monitoring of HVAC systems, boiler feed water, chemical productions, pure water production, RO plants, filtration systems, liquid delivery systems, cooling systems but not used for gas applications. The FLS 3000 series is offered in SS316 material for a wide range of pipe sizes and pipe insertion configurations.

Sensor Features
1- High accuracy with fast response and good repeatability of 0.5% of max. range.
2- Wide dynamic liquid velocity range (0.5 to 6 m/s).
3- Self-Powered with ± 1% linearity in measurement value of max. range.
4- Can be used for pressure up to 103 bar as well with temperature up to 149 °C.
5- Sensors can be installed in Pipes from DN15 (1/2 in) up to DN300 (12 in.).
6- Easy to replace Rotor if damaged.

Pipe Diameter
Size Range
Safety Pressure Rotor Pin Material Body
FLS3001 0.5 in. - 1 in. DN15 - DN25 103 Bar SS316 SS316 17-4PH-1SS Klinger C-4401 7.6 Mtr.
FLS3002 1.25 in. - 12 in. DN30 - DN300 103 Bar SS316 SS316 17-4PH-1SS Klinger C-4401 7.6 Mtr.




Sensor Installation

1- Depressurize and vent piping and system prior to installation or removal of sensor.

2- Don’t exceed maximum temperature or pressure specs as mentioned.

3- Do not use this product for any purpose other than liquids for which it is designed.

4- Drill a 27 mm (1-1/16 in.) diameter hole through the one surface of the pipe and thoroughly deburr the inner and outer edges of hole.

5- Tack weld the Mini-Tap fitting onto the pipe making sure the hole in the pipe is lined up with the Mini-Tap fitting hole and weld the Mini-Tap fitting onto the pipe.
Caution: Welds must be made by a certified welder who is licensed to weld stainless steel and other high carbon grade steels.

6- Set the gasket supplied with the fitting onto the fitting flange, making sure the holes align. Remove the red rotor protection cap and insert the sensor into the fitting, making sure not to bump the rotor assembly. Make sure the arrow on the side of the sensor is pointing in the direction of flow .Slip two washers onto each bolt and insert the bolt/washer onto each of the four fitting flange holes.

7- Snug all four flange bolts in a crisscross pattern. Using a torque wrench and torque the flange nuts in a crisscross pattern to 52 foot pounds.


Sensor Maintenance

  1. The FLS 3000 series sensor requires little or no maintenance of any kind with the exception of an occasional sensor/paddlewheel cleaning.

  2. Paddlewheel flow sensors are subject to wear and may require maintenance and replacement of mechanical parts (rotors, pin, bearings, retainers, etc.).

  3. Maintenance will only occur when one of following happens otherwise sensor is maintenance free:

    • Wrong selection of Sensor model for Recommended Flowrate

    • Wrong selection of Sensor model for Recommended Pipe Size

    • Occurrence of Water Hammering

    • Fluid Corrosiveness and Abrasiveness

    • Sensor installation other than recommended fittings and procedure


Sensor Wiring and Connections

Image above shows the wiring connection names for RCB Flow Sensor KE-FLS 3000 Series and RCB Flow Controller KE-FL 1000. Each Sensor wire connection detail is given below:

1- Connect DATA Wire 1 (Red) with FRQ connection of Controller.

2- Connect GND Wire 2 (Silver) with SHIELD connection of Controller.

3- Connect V+ Wire 3 (Black) with VSEN connection of Controller.


1- In case of any issue other than mentioned above, immediately inform RCB representative about the issue which will be resolved at the earliest.

2- Special fittings for Flow Sensors KE-FLS 3000 series can be ordered to RCB separately.

3- Rotor kits can be available on demand. (not provided)

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